I’m Breanne. I love God, people, writing, and coffee. When I don’t have those things, I get cranky. When I have them, I am content.

After graduating with a BA in Writing, I let myself grow lazy, and when I did write, I was fiercely protective and unwilling to share my work. Now, over two years later, I’ve started this blog in order to jump start a new, more intentional writing habit. This habit will include at least two posts a month and an intentional schedule to revise a novel draft I’ve been playing with. I’m excited to bring you all along on my journey!

Questions? Shoot me an email at truthnsprinkles(at)gmail.com!

Just a note about links: I receive no compensation for any links I post, unless otherwise noted. If a child is sponsored with Compassion International through a link on my blog, sometimes one of the children I sponsor will receive a financial gift. I, personally, benefit in no way from those sponsorships; I share the links to the Compassion website because I believe in their mission to raise children from poverty through the hope of Jesus Christ.


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