Gift with Purpose: Amazima


Coming home from Nicaragua to walk into the Christmas shopping season has been…a bit jarring. Since my involvement with Compassion, my perspective on need versus want has been changing anyway, so this Christmas, I’m pretty focused on 1) being thrifty and 2) finding gifts that are more than just stuff.

Enter some of my favorite places to shop, which I’m going to share with you. These places support ministry, support offering Hope and Truth. I’ll share a shop or two a week between now and Christmas.

Read to the end for promos!

First up, Amazima.


(all photos from Amazima’s website!)

Amazima began when God called Katie Davis, American teenager, to move to and teach in Uganda. She eventually began an Educational Sponsorship Outreach when she noticed the children unable to afford basic education. Her story is amazing, so check out the rest here, or look into her book, Kisses from Katie, but let’s talk about the jewelry!

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.14.52 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.13.47 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.12.57 AMThe necklaces in Amazima’s store are handmade paper beads, created by women in Masese, Uganda. They are beautiful, and the quality is spot on. I own the red, LOVE, necklace, and the grey, GRACE, necklace. I have been so impressed with their quality, and they’re so versatile! I wear them dressed up, with t-shirt and jeans. I’ve also given them as gifts, and they come in a sweet burlap bag with a card about Amazima’s ministry for easy gift-giving.

I love their commitment to their customer, posted on their website:

“Our commitment to you:

  • When you buy from Amazima, you help employ Ugandan woman, feed hungry children, and receive a beautiful piece of jewelry to show your solidarity with Uganda wherever you go. 
  • Each piece of jewelry is made by a hard-working woman in Amazima’s vocational program.  We know these women and their stories, and we love them deeply.
  • The women in our vocational program are paid a fair wage and given financial training by Amazima’s social workers.
  • All pieces are handcrafted from start to finish.  Watch this video to see how the magazine bead jewelry is made.
  • All proceeds from Amazima’s jewelry sales are applied toward the feeding of 1,200 children Monday through Friday in the slum community of Masese. The women in Amazima’s vocational program are proud that their dedication and work ethic helps feed hungry children in their neighborhood.
  • All women in Amazima’s jewelry vocational program receive spiritual discipleship. Katie personally meets with the women each week for a time of prayer and a Bible study.
  • Please remember that these pieces are handcrafted and may vary from the photographs on this website. We accept exchanges and returns from any customer who is not fully satisfied.”

Sign up for Amazima’s emails to receive promotional offers–they’re offering “Cyber Monday” deals each Monday in November. I got GRACE for 45% off, and it shipped in three days!

This Christmas, I challenge you to think about where your money is going and how you can bless more than the gift receiver, you can bless the gift creator! Your gift can give more.

xo, Breanne

Do you have a favorite shop that supports “giving more”? Please share!


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  1. Awesome ministry! Love what Katie is doing and her heart for the people of Uganda. I wish every person would have an opportunity to experience a 3rd world culture, because it changes everything. My life is so much better for having met people around the world and for seeing firsthand the poverty that is rampant in so many places around the world. As Americans, we should be much more grateful than we are. It is so easy to take the things we have for granted.

    • You are so right, Sarah! Not only seeing just the poverty, but seeing how the emphasis on physical poverty begins to fade away when relationships are formed with the people! Thanks for taking time to read and sharing your perspective with us 🙂

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