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Meet sweet Jhon


In the month of October, I’m participating in Compassion International‘s Release3 campaign. Compassion mailed me three child packets in hopes that we can find them sponsors this month. Right now, while I’m in Nicaragua, I wanted you to meet Jhon.

Jhon Alexis Mesa Ortega

Doesn’t he look like a fun kid?

This is Jhon Alexis Mesa Ortega.

He lives in Colombia with his single mother and two siblings. He attends a Compassion project called Semillas de Amor, “Seeds of Love.” In his community, adults earn, on average, about $163 a month.

Jhon’s birthday is on July 26–he just turned 13 years old this summer.

And Jhon has a story, just like each child enrolled in Compassion’s program has a story. Just like each of you, my dear readers, has a story. Part of Jhon’s story now is waiting. He is waiting for someone to see his picture and say, “You. I choose you.”

For $38 a month, you can support Jhon, offering him hope and a path out of the cycle of poverty. Your financial support will offer him opportunities educationally, offer him health and wellness care, offer him a chance to grow physically, mentally, and, most importantly, spiritually. In his project, he will hear the Gospel preached, and he can then take the Good News of our precious Jesus home to his mother, to his family members, and to his community.

But it starts with you. Will you be a part of Jhon’s story?

If you’re interested in sponsoring Jhon, I have his packet through the end of October. Email me at, and I can send you additional information about Jhon’s community and Compassion’s work. If you decide you want to sponsor Jhon, I’ll email you his packet, which includes a template and envelope for your first letter, and pictures and information about Jhon and his community.

I have two more precious little ones I’ll introduce you all to in the next couple weeks! And guys, Omega’s eyes will capture your heart, and Munyao you will want to squeeze in a big bear hug. But while you’re waiting, take a peek at other kids waiting for sponsors on the Compassion website.

xo, Breanne

*Please note that this is a scheduled post! I am currently away from my computer for a few more days, but I will email you back as soon as possible–there’s a chance I will have internet access in Nicaragua, but I won’t know until I get there, and I’m scheduling this post before I leave! Please go ahead and send an email if you’re interested in Jhon’s sponsorship! I will honor requests as first come, first serve!


Lists and Jesus will take me to Nicaragua


My mother always tells me to make lists, but I rarely do. True, the act of crossing off a task is therapeutic somehow, but I get fidgety when I have to sit down and take the time to itemize everything that needs done.

Unless I’m planning and preparing for a trip. Then I list everything.

In preparation for Nicaragua, I’ve been making lists on my iPod, my phone, scrap paper at work, on the backs of bulletins. They’re color-coded, scribbled, scratched off, and suddenly now, approximately 36 hours before I am to be at the airport…they’re almost all complete! I do have a few final tasks to check off before I jet off on this adventure (so if you’re waiting on an email from me, I promise you aren’t forgotten–you’re on a list!), but for the most part, my things are gathered, bug-sprayed, and sitting, well, near my suitcase, if not packed.

This is the verse on the front of my travel journal. I’m excited to see where He takes my heart this coming week.

But I wanted to leave you all with one final list, if I may. I know that people have been telling me that you’re praying for me and for my team, and I thank you for that from the very bottom of my heart! I know that prayers and God’s hand are the power behind anything that happens on our trip. So in that theme, I leave you with a few prayer requests:

  • Pray for open hearts
    • Please pray for my heart to be open to the voice of God in my life as I joyfully step into this adventure I feel so guided towards. I like control, I like met expectations, but I don’t want my expectations to blind me to something unexpected God has in store for me–aren’t those the most fun surprises anyway?
  • Pray for graciousness
    • Let the words and actions of me and my team be gracious, loving, and Christlike, both within our team and in each interaction we have along the way. At the airports. In Managua. In the home we’re guests in. With the beautiful Nicaraguan people.
  • Pray for health
    • Honestly, the most anxiety I’ve had about this trip has been about health/pain. I’m prone to migraines and stress-related headaches/pain, so please pray that peace invade my soul and that God will keep that pain from my neck and head. Pray for the health of each team member who is traveling with me, that our bodies will adjust to travel, unfamiliar conditions, and varied diet this week.
  • Pray for joy!
    • “…The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10. Pray that we will seek the Lord’s enduring joy as our strength this week, and that His joy will be unmistakable, that we will be mirrors reflecting the joy of the Lord.

And can’t we always cling to that verse? Cling to the Lord’s joy yourself this week! Tell me how you did in the comments–I want to hear some awesome stories when I return!

I’m hoping to schedule a couple fun posts for while I’m gone. Keep an eye out!

xo, Breanne