Monthly Archives: July 2014

What are we busy about?


Summer has been a time for soaking.


Mountain retreat (“The North Mountain,” according to my 4-year-old cousin, enthralled with Frozen)


noticing the little things

Soaking in family time, with an extended-family vacation in the mountains. Five days of enjoying the views, the pool, and a (mainly) schedule free time with 28 of my favorite people. (But we missed you, W.) Recently, we celebrated my Great-Grandpa’s 99th birthday. He’s such a blessing. Soaking in outdoor concerts, movies, and downtime with family and friends. This summer’s weather, staying mostly in the mid-to-high-70s, has been divine. I’d take this year round—crisp in the morning, warm with breezes in the afternoon, then cool, lovely evenings, staying light late enough to make an evening out feel like it can last forever.

Soaking in weddings. Lots of weddings! I’m in that stage of life when my friends are finding their someones, when I am honored to be there and celebrate this step into a new stage of life. I love that each wedding is so unique, so representative of the special people we celebrate. I’ve attended ceremonies at college campus chapels and country churches, and I’ve celebrated from afar ceremonies when I couldn’t travel to their destination. My next few months still hold three more ceremonies, a few more hometown receptions for out-of-state weddings, and bridal showers—it’s a good thing weddings are such fun events!

DSC_1103 - Version 2

I love Indiana summers in the country.

Soaking in the opportunities with friends. A weekend reunited with college friends (and how utterly relaxing was that weekend!). A new friend met at small group, an evening out putt-putting…every moment is an opportunity. I’ve tried to focus on each and every interaction, building relationships and enjoying the beauty of each person’s story.  Life has been busy, but in the business, I’ve been focusing on slowing down. What good is activity if no memories are gained from the place-to-place-to-place fun?

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” So that’s my question for myself each week: What am I busy about? Am I busy for the sake of busy? Or am I investing and soaking in the moments with those I’m blessed to be around?

I’m also in the midst of planning for a super-exciting opportunity this fall—watch for a post about that soon! Here’s a hint: I recently applied for (and received) my passport—I’ve been itching to hop on a plane ever since.

What are you busy about this summer?