A favorite sprinkle, an opportunity, and a giveaway!


Some of my sprinkles are good deals, people. I rarely, if ever, pay full price for anything, and coupons make me incredibly happy. When those good deals ALSO contribute to a good cause, I’m sold. Completely sold.

Enter Everyday Icing Accessory Auctions. From their facebook page: “Everyday Icing offers the sweetest accessories at the sweetest prices. A portion of our proceeds benefit Compassion International.”

Did you see that bit at the end? Compassion International! Now you know why I’m so excited to share about this business today! I found Everyday Icing about a year ago, and they have the loveliest jewelry for great prices and free shipping and I know that part of my purchase (10%–I asked) supports a cause so close to my heart.

Since I’ve discovered them, I’ve picked up pretties for me, for my mom, for my friends…everyone! Necklaces. Scarves. Bracelets. They’re cute and great quality (and in preparing this post, I realized I have no pictures of me in any of it.) I’ve had rave reviews from those I’ve given pieces to as well. I love giving a gift that gives so much more.

Which brings me to the opportunity!

Right now, Everyday Icing is offering two bracelets that will 100% benefit Compassion International. Every penny spent on one of the bracelets will be donated, so…why not? 🙂


I love the second! I bought their Compassion benefit bracelet last year (ok, I bought three!) and every time I wear it, I think to pray for my Compassion kids, and I can share about the organization whenever someone comments on it! #1 is priced at just $12, and #2 at $14 (and free shipping!). Click over to their facebook page, register, and comment “sold” on the picture of the bracelet you want, and they’ll email you an invoice. It’s that easy!

I am so excited about these bracelets AND about Compassion, that I’m putting together a giveaway for a reader who sponsors a child this week through Compassion International. I will send a bracelet of your choice to the first reader to click through to Compassion’s site through this link and choose to sponsor a child before this coming Saturday, January 18th. I will also send you a letter-writing packet with some stationary and goodies to start you out on your relationship with your child!

So here’s the recap:
~The first reader to sponsor a child through Compassion International by Saturday, January 18th will receive her/his choice of one of the above bracelets and a letter-writing packet.
~Please use one of the links in this post, as it will allow me to track the sponsorships!
~Additional readers beginning a new sponsorship this week will receive a letter-writing packet as well!
~Email me at truthnsprinkles(at)gmail.com to let me know about your sponsorship! First, I’ll celebrate with you. Then I’ll coordinate details!
(added)*Due to shipping costs, the bracelet giveaway is open to US residents only. Sorry!

This is getting long, but I wanted to say something. You don’t sponsor for a bracelet. And that’s good and right. When I first began my sponsorship journey, I’d been thinking and praying about it for a long time. I felt burdened to use what I had to bless someone else; I am merely a steward of God’s resources! This giveaway is an encouragement for that person who has been feeling a nudge toward sponsorship, who desires to, in God’s power, release a child from poverty and give a child, a family, and a community hope. Pray about it. Click a link and look at a few children’s faces. Watch a couple videos as they introduce themselves. Don’t feel pressured or guilt-tripped into a sponsorship, but know that $38 a month isn’t the big thing: the important part is the overflowing love of Christ splashing out of your life and onto a child (and vise versa!).

If sponsorship isn’t for you right now, considering one of the Everyday Icing bracelets or check out their other sales!

Here’s the little girl I’m enamored with right now: Ama, in Ghana (for some reason the linked text/linked photo isn’t working–click here! http://www.compassion.com/sponsor_a_child/child-biography-video.htm?needKey=GH8150109&referrer=133390).
(If one of you sponsors her, I’d be over the moon!)

Also, say a prayer for my little Yvonne in Kenya–yesterday was her sixth birthday!




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