11/26 Miracles (and Baby Beckett)


Over the past year, I’ve been following the story of Baby Beckett, my cousins’ cousin’s baby, born with a serious heart problem that kept him in the hospital for the first several months of his life, with quite a few major operations on his tiny infant body. But instead of my clumsy summary, check out this video of his story (and I dare you to not be charmed by his smile):

My favorite line from the video is when Jonathon said, “We are so very blessed, not just because we had a favorable outcome, but because God is using our son, our story in profound ways, and we are just blessed to be a part of that.”

From praying over Beckett and keeping up with his miraculous story on their blog, Heart of Beckett, two Truths have been impressed into my heart: 1) God is always in control and using our lives for His glory, and 2) this moment is the only one we’re guaranteed, so use it wisely and immerse yourself in the blessing of now. Also, God works miracles today. Don’t ever believe differently.

Keep Beckett in your prayers as he continues to grow and strengthen. Pray for his parents, who continue to trust God to care for their precious baby boy.

Also, take a second to vote for Beckett in the Gerber baby photo contest–see the resemblance? 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/Gerber?sk=app_586462271392312&app_data=265400

#ODAAT (One day at a time) #GoBeckett!

xo, Breanne


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