11/25 Compassion International


I knew, when I started this series, I’d end up with a Compassion post. I’m quickly approaching my one year anniversary of official Compassion involvement, though I became casually involved earlier with church.

When I started brainstorming the post, I was coming from the angle of “I’m thankful for Compassion for all I’ve learned from my kids and from the program.”

But today, I’m really grateful for the difference that Compassion makes in the lives of children, families, and communities all over the world. Yesterday, I found the following video on Compassion’s website:

I was in tears, both at the despair of these children and the joy they found through the love of Jesus. The more I read about hearts changed through this program, the more I am confirmed that I am supporting a worthy organization (and of course, I fall more and more in love with my sponsor kids with every letter I receive from them).

And even beyond the spiritual treasures produced through their church-based ministry, these children are fed. They’re tutored. They’re clothed and bathed and cherished. They are given access to medicine and even operations and hospital visits, as necessary.

The problem of poverty has been brought very near to my heart through my involvement with Compassion. I’ve also begun reading Kisses From Katie, by Katie Davis, who moved to Uganda to serve orphans; her story brings more names and faces to the abstract term “poverty.” Everything I learn slips its way into my heart and whispers, “Do something.” And when it’s finished whispering, it shouts.

Compassion is one of many organizations that “go into the nations to preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15), as they also serve and share, as the believers modeled in Acts.

Recently, one certain family on the Compassion site has been on my heart: three-year-old quadruplets from Ghana. Precious, aren’t they? And a bonus: videos of each child (and mom!) if you click on their links! I love them. They each have such adorable attitude, and even in the 10-second videos, you can see their mama’s love for them.

And can you even imagine the difference that education, nutrition, and medical assistance would make for this single mom with four precious, precious babies? Money for schooling, health, and shelter, a chance to break the cycle of poverty, a chance to bring hope to this family through their local church.

I’m so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned through my experience with Compassion, but the more I learn about poverty, the more gratitude I feel for the work of Compassion for over one million children currently in their program. Grateful that I am able to have been blessed with the resources to be a part of this ministry.

xo, Breanne


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  1. I absolutely love that Compassion video!! I think it really shares what a difference Compassion can make in the life of a child via Christ. And that a sponsor has a lasting impact!! Those quadruplets are adorable. I hope that they’re sponsored quickly!!

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