11/24 Children’s Church


When I came back home after college, I felt disconnected from my home church, having attended so sporadically on breaks and weekends all through four years of college. I wanted to step in, take ownership of my church, so I signed up to volunteer in nursery (it was a step).

I was assigned to a 2nd and 3rd grade girls’ Sunday School class. Then moved to the K/1st Children’s Church class. Now, nearly two years later, I have never been happier that God overrode my plans.

This week, my mom stepped in to help me when my regular co-teacher was suddenly unavailable. When she greeted early-arrivals while I made a couple copies, one little boy told his mom that she wasn’t his “real” teacher, because I was. Upon hearing this story, I melted.

I love my Sunday School kiddos. Lately, I’ve had a class of mostly little boys, who are loud and crazy and impulsive. But when I’ve finally won their trust and their (limited) attention, and when I manage to pull their attention in for just a moment, they’re thoughtful and wise. They work hard to learn their memory verses (while clomping around the room and reciting it in a dinosaur voice). They are beginning to encourage one another. They include visiting students. I’m so proud of them.

I’m delighted when they draw a picture to send to Mwajuma, their Compassion girl in Tanzania. When they grab my hands to tell me a story (even when it begins, enthusiastically and with a huge grin, “Miss Breanne! I just did something disgusting!”). When they can remember how to pronounce “Rehoboam” and “Mephibosheth,” even when sometimes they forget my name, reverting to “Teacher.”

When I was in high school, many people asked if I was interested in pursuing Education. I wasn’t. Not at all. But sometimes I look back and wonder if I should have, but for now, I’m grateful for the opportunity to teach these young ones, prayerfully allowing God to work through me to shape their sweet hearts.

Thank you, N, for working so hard on your memory verses.

Thank you, L, for singing with abandon.

Thank you, J, for always bringing a bright smile to our classroom.

Thank you, A, for thinking so deeply and answering so lovingly whenever we speak of applying our lessons at home.

And thank you, Jesus, for speaking to my through these little boys.

xo, Breanne


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