11/21 Rest


This week has been…weekish. My mom and I have a running joke when she asks me how my day was, I’ll shrug and say, “Dayish,” if there’s nothing really to report. That’s been my week. Nothing big. Nothing bad. Just weekish.

But tonight, I’m grateful for rest, for curling up in bed with a cinnamon balsam candle burning nearby. By the end of the week, something in me longs for quiet, rest, and restoration. As I thought about this concept, I thought of a reading from my quiet time a few weeks ago. Hebrews 4 talks about God’s rest. “Only we who believe can enter [God’s] rest,” the author writes. So maybe that inner longing for rest and peace relates to the deeper longing for a restored, eternal rest waiting for me and for believers once Home with Jesus in Heaven. I love that God has prepared this rest for me.

Just a thought.

xo, Breanne


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