11/15 Photographs, 11/16 Kimberly


When I was in high school, I joked that my camera ought to be surgically-implanted into my hand, so often did I carry it around with me. The art minor I added to my college career was mainly chosen for my love of photography.

The act of capturing a moment in time with a camera closely relates to my love of relating a story through words: both mediums allow communication and Truth to be conveyed and preserved.

My favorite photographs capture a moment while showing a part of a larger story. I remember a picture I took years ago of a little girl I was babysitting. She was involved in a large, elaborate game of hide-and-seek, and, from behind her, I caught her peeking around a tree. The background was bright, blurred out. The viewer of the photograph couldn’t tell what she saw, but her pose suggested a playful attitude, an eagerness. She was excited for what was to come…whatever that was.

Today, I received a letter from my dear Kimberly from Peru. While I love letters, the most exciting part of the letter was a surprise photo included, showing Kimberly with the clothes she purchased with her birthday money in August. She is so beautiful! I first stared at her eyes, the same deep, dark gaze that drew me to her when I first saw her on the Compassion site. Then I noticed her shirt, a pink shirt with a picture of Belle, my favorite Disney princess! I could hardly read the letter Kimberly wrote because I was so drawn to her picture, and as I studied it, I noticed more. Her bare feet. The concrete walls. The black object she clutched in one hand. I wondered what it was. So many questions.


My favorite mail comes in envelopes like this.

But today I’m excited to simply have this picture, a wonderful surprise after a couple particularly long days at work. And excited to have her letter, full of newsy notes about her friends, about the Bible stories she learns at her Compassion center, about the spring season in her country. She always sends me hugs, and, in one letter, begged me to visit her country so she could give me a kiss. She calls me “godmother.” As I mentioned earlier this week, visiting my kiddos is a dream of mine. I would certainly have to make Peru one of my first stops; she’s been asking me to come since her first letter. Please pray with me that one day, both our dreams would come true!

Tonight, I’m ever so grateful for photographs and my Kimberly–especially the two in one!

xo, Breanne


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