11/14 Dreams


In my spare, quiet moments today, I daydreamed about traveling to Kenya to meet my little Compassion girl, Yvonne. Because her birthday is approaching, I’ve been on a search for exactly the right card for her, and while shopping for the perfect birthday card, I begin picturing her face when she receives the card. I pick up a card from the rack and picture her reaction; I haven’t found the perfect one.

In picturing her reaction, I begin to picture myself there. I picture myself stepping off a plane into the land of Kenya. Feeling the heat on my skin. Hearing a new, foreign tongue spoken around me. But mostly, I imagine the anticipation of the moments just before I am to meet her. I know I’ll be teary eyed. I think I’ll be a little shaky. A little nervous. But seeing her face in person. Giving her a tight hug. Telling her, in person, how special she is, how much I am thankful that God brought her into my life…it would be indescribable.

Each day, I think about my future. I dream about my future home. About my future husband. About babies. This week, my dreams about travel and about meeting the precious kids I’ve been developing relationships with through Compassion have become more urgent, somehow. I know that I want to get married and start a family. I also know that I want to find a way to travel and to explore. To have adventures of my own. To dream big.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’ve been thinking a lot lately of those who led amazing lives in the Bible, those who accomplished great things through God’s will in their lives because they walked His path in spite of any fears they must have faced. I think of other, more contemporary figures, like Katie, who, at 18, moved to Uganda to care for orphans. She wrote a book called Kisses From Katie about her story (I’m beginning to read it this week). She also keeps a blog here, which I just discovered. She is living a life as the body of Christ, and I admire her for that. She was not afraid of change and leaving the familiar when she felt the call to do something big.

Tonight, a friend of mine said, “I’m learning that my plans for the future probably aren’t going to line up with God’s plans, and I remind myself that His plans are infinitely greater than mine.” She’s smart. I’m needing constant reminders that God’s plans are bigger and greater than my plans.

In that light, though, I’m sometimes afraid to plan and to dream. “If God has this awesome plan already, why should I make plans just to see them change?” But dreams are good. Dreams let me build and hope and plan. And dreams show me where my heart’s desires lie. And as I grow closer and closer to my God, I believe He will shape my dreams to fit within His plans for my life.

My dreams are to use my writing skills to make a difference, whether in an organization I believe in or, currently, in letters that speak Truth into the lives of my friends, including my Compassion kids. I dream of having a family, of being a wife and mom. I dream of loving on people who come into my path. I dream of my Compassion kids “coming into my path” at some point and being able to give them hugs, tell them how much they’ve blessed me.

Dreams are good. Dreams are exciting. Tonight, I’m grateful for my dreams and my God who is faithful to fulfill within me a plan “to give me a hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).

xo, Breanne


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  1. Breanne, This is so great. You are growing soooo much. Our God is surely giving you a mighty dose of His wisdom. You are hearing Him. He says “Be still and know that l am God”. Keep on keeping on.

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