11/12 Warmth


I woke to the first snow of the season, and it was glorious. Sparkling crystals lay across the grass, the mums, the cars. I appreciate the beauty from within my home, cuddled in a thick sweater, sipping warmed-up Pumpkin Spice Latte. The snow was gone by noon, but the chill remained. I shivered whenever the door opened at work, but I was sheltered and warm.

Tonight, my attention was drawn to the devastation left in the path of Super Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines on Friday, November 8th. According to this article, nearly half a million people were forced from their homes.

Half a million people woke up this morning, not in their cozy homes, but feeling vulnerable, attempting to put their lives back together. Ten million people felt the storm’s affect. Pictures from various social media sites, gathered by the New York Times, show mountains of debris and the walls of buildings shredded like paper. The unconfirmed death toll stands near 10,000. The survivors of the storms tell heart-wrenching stories of children’s drownings and the desperate search for missing family members.

Sitting in my warm home, I could easily ignore the tragedy. But I can’t. A friend of mine lives in the Philippines.  Another friend spent a year doing missions work with her husband in the country. Compassion International, via UNICEF, reported that 1.7 million children live in the path of this storm, one of the strongest to hit landfall on the planet (source).

While I can’t hop on a plane and do something like I want to, and perhaps I couldn’t reach the devastation anyway, I will be keeping the beautiful country and its beautiful people in my constant prayers. I serve a God of miracles, of shelter and rest and infinite, inexplicable love. I ask that you join me in prayer as well.

Compassion International, among many aid organizations, set up a Disaster Relief Fund to minister to those affected by the storm. If you would like to help through a financial gift, any amount will make a world of a difference. Click the image below for more information, and click one of the links above for more information on the storm.


And in all this, I am more than grateful for the warmth and shelter of my home. I am humbled.

xo, Breanne


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