11/9-11/11 Visits


Cupcakes, mini-roadtrips, late-night movies, conversations about life and dreams and our Compassion kids, and an inordinate amount of coffee characterized a rather last-minute weekend visit from a college friend. I am ever-grateful for friendships, especially those that endure over time and distance. We fell easily into an old-routine of banter and sincerity, reminiscing and taking some time for a quick trip up to visit another mutual college friend. It was wonderful being back with “the girls.” I’d seen them both individually, but it was fabulous being together and hearing all about what adventures passed since the last time we were all together.


Those cupcakes were so delicious that they disappeared before I thought to document them.

Reminiscing about my time in college often leaves me with a small piece of my heart wishing to return to those days, the tests and struggles and anxieties forgotten in light of the comfort I found in the community of friendship and learning.

While talking this weekend, though, I saw the deepening of our friendships now. The further maturity and development of our character. We thought we were so old, so mature when “we owned the campus.” We thought we were big bad seniors, that we knew what life would bring post-graduation. We didn’t. We both may be working toward where we want to be, but the path is winding through trees: we can’t see what’s ahead, no matter how hard we will our fairy-tale ending to appear. As we lean into God’s leading, we have to have faith that our steps are in line with His guidance.

I wouldn’t go back to a time of lesser maturity and wisdom in college, but I will carry with me the good from that time: the tools I learned, the study skills I gained, and most importantly, the friendships.

So here’s to many more impulsive weekend adventures. I’m so grateful for them.

xo, Breanne


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