11/8 Sister


Tonight, I’m grateful for my sister. She is away at school, and yet, between texting, facebook messages, and random pinterest tags, we stay in crazy-close contact. She encourages me, pushes me, and calls me on my nonsense–a needed skill, sometimes. And she’s an endless cheerleader for me on this blogging venture. When I ask for honest criticism, she only tells me good things. Which may not be the most helpful or truthful, but it’s nice to hear.

It’s good to have someone with whom I can be silly and switch straight to serious, and she doesn’t even bat an eyelash (or maybe she does, but she covers well). Even if chatting with her on our only common free-time (late, late at night) keeps me from sleep, it’s worth it. Because she’s awesome.


This is short and sweet, but I can’t wait to see her next time she comes home for a weekend. And besides, this has to be short, because she’s messaging me, and I need to go reply 😉

xo, Breanne


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