11/7 Truth


When I write to my Compassion kiddos, I pray for just the right words to speak Truth into their lives. I tell them they’re special and valued. I encourage them to proclaim the Truth even (and especially) when Truth is not popular. I emphasize that God has a special, beautiful plan for their lives, and He will use them in powerful ways when they lean into our Heavenly Father. I pray hard for them, pray protection from the lies of the Devil.

Recently, I’ve been challenged to look at my own life and root out the lies I’m believing myself. Lies about my abilities. About my actions. A few months ago, my small group worked through the book Lies Women Believe, and I began viewing actions and reactions in a new light.

Tonight at group, we revisited the idea of lies in terms of temptations. We talked about identifying the lie at the root of a temptation and focusing on a Truth from Scripture to combat that lie. Truth is freedom. Truth is light. Truth is comfort.

I write to a sixteen year old boy in India. He is my most recent correspondent, and I haven’t received any letters from him yet, but from the very start, I’ve felt compelled to encourage him to be a voice of Truth in his community and his culture. I see a boy on the verge of adulthood. Who is given an opportunity to stand firm upon the foundation of salvation and speak light into darkness. I see the great possibility and potential in him. I pray great things for him.

And then I realize that I have that same opportunity, the same responsibility. What great moments will I find to speak Truth into situations in my day-to-day life if I will have the awareness to look for them and the courage to speak up? What temptations and lies laid out by the devil will I foil when I live my life focused on the Truth of God’s Words? A recent song by indie-musician Kel, Dear Devil, says, “Dear Devil, I know that you’ve got your tricks, but you can’t take what I don’t give–no, you’ll never win.” Yielding to those lies is a choice; I’m grateful for Truth, because it strengthens me.

I leave you with a commission that I heard each Sunday night in high school as I left youth group, one that rings true still today,

“Be the Light. Obey the Truth.”


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