The Art of Cycling


The most thoughtful time of the day, for me, is late, late at night when I can’t fall asleep.

In the darkness,  my thoughts start spinning. They don’t flit and twirl. They’re faster and more lethal l than the whirring metal blades blades in the fan on my bedside table. When harnessed, I often write better than I do during the day, in the restful quiet of a sleeping household. Allowed to run wild, though, they sneak into sad places, into places that start whispering lies. Lies bring anxiety, doubt, frustration, and of course make it harder to sleep, thus continuing the cycle.

In those times, I’ve been remembering the advice a friend gave me, recently. She said when she becomes disillusioned and frustrated with where she is in her life, she starts making a list of blessings until those feelings of discontentment fade away. She is a wise girl, and I told her so.

That’s the point of this blog, too. Finding those blessings that bring sunshine to darkened skies. Here’s a short part of my list of blessings that helps me refocus:

  • A letter from my youngest Compassion child, who is just the sweetest little boy
  • A new, long-awaited writing opportunity
  • A friend who brought me more Christmas cards to send to unsponsored Compassion kids*
  • A sunny Saturday with my mom
  • My chiropractor offering to come in early just to fit me in so I wasn’t late for work
  • A truly scrumptious cup of tea

Late, late nights may doubt and confusion, but the simple act of intentionally remembering blessings pushes those creeping doubts away. Training myself to focus on blessings, not disappointments, begins a new cycle, too. God’s got those disappointments in hand and in His plan–no need for me to lose sleep over them.

I’ll be revisiting this theme soon. Watch for it!

What was your “sprinkles” moment this week? How do you combat overwhelming moments of frustration or doubt? Share in a comment!

*I will soon post about how you, too, can send Christmas cards to unsponsored kids in Compassion International’s program. Meanwhile, take a peek at some of those kids. Picture their grins when, on Christmas, someone hands them a handwritten note that tells them just how much they are loved. Priceless, huh?


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  1. Breanne, honey, your friend is absolutely right. Praying to God and telling HIM your blessings will help
    when you are down and discouraged. I have been feeling that way lately too. Don’t feel bad or weak
    because you give HIM your problems and then take them back, give them to HIM again and again and
    take them back. HE understands our weaknesses and anxieties. Love that you are writing. Love to
    read what you have to say. Love you. Grandma

  2. The word sprinkles is a perfect fit, and I might be or might not be the person you mentioned (because I am rarely wise, haha) but if that’s me, praise God for the wisdom. He was the one who gave it after all. 🙂

    And you know it’s really true that what you give sometimes finds it way back to you–because this knowledge of finding my daily sprinkles is what I really NEEDED this time around. I’m so glad you made me remember.

    Thank you for this reminder dear. Let us both walk in our daily Christian journey keeping in mind that Jesus encourages us to always “choose” thankful. I choose thankful.

    God bless you!

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