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I’ve been writing, this month, about Compassion International, an organization that, if you couldn’t tell, I support 100%. I love what they do (raise children from poverty and despair with hope and Faith) and how they do it (working through local churches and local leaders to also empower the community).

Today, I’ve been working on organizing the letters I’ve received from my Compassion kiddos, a task that has been delightful, looking back over the precious words that travel so far to reach my heart. I also read this article from Compassion’s blog about the culture of friendship in Bangladesh and the deep and abiding friendships the children form with their sponsors. When one student’s village and home were flooded, followed quickly by the death of his mother, the article says, “His sponsor’s involvement never let him feel that he was alone in the darkness of depression” (Courtesy of Compassion International:

I’d heard of Compassion for several years before I became involved. I was interested in the organization, but until I became involved with the girl my church supports, I didn’t realize how personal a sponsorship relationship can be. My Yvonne tells me about wanting to become a doctor, and she tells me often of her favorite food, ugali (cornbread) and meat. She tells me the names of her friends and about how she and her family celebrate holidays. She draws me the most darling pictures.

ImageEven more important, she thanks me for my prayers and asks how she and her family can pray for me. Our relationship is not centered around the stickers I send or the letters we exchange but around the encouragement we can provide for each other through our Savior.

Today, as I browsed the Compassion site, I was drawn to a few faces of children who have been waiting for sponsors. I’ll share a couple here, but I encourage you to look for yourself. Even if you can’t sponsor right now, look at their faces and say a little prayer. Share them with your friends or share this post. Get the word out. That’s what Compassion Blog Month is all about.

Geisya Tampemawa can grow up knowing that someone cares and prays for her


Ernest Melita is looking for encouragement for his last few years in Compassion’s program


Tumushime Ivan lives with his grandmother and has 5 children in his family. Show him some love after his 256 day wait for a sponsor.


Search the site for yourself! These are only a fraction of the many kids waiting for someone like you to say yes to a new, eternal friendship.


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  1. What an adorable drawing from your Yvonne!! Isn’t it such a wonderful blessing to correspond with Compassion kids? i hope that the kids whose profiles you shared are sponsored soon!!

  2. We’ve been sponsoring a child for the past three years. I like how you can search on different features. We actually found a little girl in Mexico who shares a birthday (day and year) with our youngest daughter! Compassion International is a great organization.

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