Remember: One word, Three thoughts (plus a bonus)


This month, I’m participating in Compassion Blog Month, an opportunity to raise awareness and interest in child sponsorship through Compassion International. The second prompt is to “write three things about one word.”



On this day of national remembrance, here in the United States, here are three thoughts I’ve been pondering.

Remember that life changes quickly.

Remember that you have influence.

Remember that Truth may be found in the most mundane places if you look for it.

“Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35

Life is ever changing. When I was thirteen, standing in the bathroom while getting ready one Tuesday morning and listening to my favorite radio station, I didn’t understand the DJ’s grim announcement about a plane and NYC. I didn’t quite understand the gravity of the footage I watched on TV with my mom beginning to cry beside me. I didn’t understand then, but I remember. And now I understand how quickly life changed for so many thousands of people that day. I understand, and I remember. I am reminded that each day is a gift, and each gift comes with a sort of responsibility to spend it well.

In spending each day well, I remember that each of us have influence. I know that I’m influenced by my family, my coworkers, my friends, but I often forget that I also influence them. When I remember, I take a step back and ask myself if I am speaking Truth or Lies into their lives? Am I bringing encouragement or self-praise into my relationships? Do the people I interact with it, be it friend, student, or customer, walk away uplifted from their encounter with me?

Finally, I remember, on this day, that Truth—capital T truth, the kind that stems from my all-powerful Savior—may be found in every situation, from the most dramatic to the mundane. Last weekend, I watched Oz: The Great and Powerful with a friend. She commented, “Isn’t it interesting how the salvation story pops up in so many movies?” And once she’d mentioned it, I realized she was right: Oz comes to a land ruled by wickedness and is their savior, bringing them into a time of peace. He was a reluctant savior, of course, driven by pride and greed rather than love, but the shell was there. We’re all searching for a Savior. Seek His Truth in the everyday and be amazed where He shows up.

Bonus Remember! Remember to look for sprinkles in life! To me, the sprinkles are those little things in a day that make you smile. A really good cup of coffee. A first-row spot in a crowded parking lot. A cheerful voicemail after a long day. Literal sprinkles on top of an ice cream cone. My favorite sprinkles, lately, have been finding a cream-colored envelope containing a letter from one of my Compassion kids in my mailbox.

Life changes quickly for all of us, but for the impoverished and vulnerable, this change often brings tragedy: a drought, loss of a job, loss of a loved one. If you feel led to use your influence and be a positive change in the lives of one of these children, I promise you that you will find unending Truth through the experience. And sprinkles. They’ll bring you lots and lots of smiling sprinkles.

What are you remembering this day? Where have you seen Truth today? Or what were your sprinkles?

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Any other blog month bloggers out there? Post a link in the comments if you’d like me to add a link to this week’s assignment.


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  2. I really enjoyed your post–especially how you connected September 11 with helping kids be released from poverty! And I completely agree–getting a cream colored envelope that says “A Letter from Your Sponsored Child” is such a sprinkle in life!!

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