Opening Lines


Beginnings are tricky.

The first day of classes in college. Learning a new skill. Starting a new job.

They’re exciting, but I often feel I don’t know where to start. So here I am, jumping into the blogging world, no prologue, just an exciting moment as I begin a new journey.

Since graduation, I’ve merely dabbled in my writing, so this is a location to produce and create on a semi-regular basis. I’m still working on a theme, but my goal for my writing–my overall goal for all my writing–is a search for Truth in the everyday. We’ll all discover where that goal leads in this new venture. Get ready!

My first project, to keep me focused as I begin, is a series of posts for Compassion International. It’s Compassion Blog month! Compassion International is a child sponsorship organization serving over a million children and their families through their local churches. I love the work of Compassion and the experiences I’ve had through the organization; I am excited to use the beginning posts of this blog to share about them.

If you’d like to become involved with Compassion International, visit the above link or leave me a comment for more information. If you are already involved with Compassion and would like to be a part of Compassion Blog Month, visit here!

I am excited to begin this journey and to see how my writing and thinking is strengthened through the disciplined act of regular writing and posting. I invite you to join me in my journey, for new beginnings are always more fun with friends.


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  1. We have blogged here and there for a few years now, and starting our Compassion blog last year has given us a deeper reason for writing that goes beyond the mundane every-day tidbits of life. We’re so glad you’re joining us Compassion bloggers, and look forward to reading your posts, no matter the topics! We did Compassion’s blog month last year, and we were challenged to grow in our writing and advocacy. It was a wonderful experience! Welcome to blogging, and have a blessed week! Also, if you Google “blog for 31 days”, you might be interested to learn of the 31 days challenge that is done by many bloggers in October. We learned of it last year and plan to participate this year for the first time.

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