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Solve versus Serve


This month, I’m participating in Compassion Blog Month, an opportunity to raise awareness and interest in child sponsorship through Compassion International. The goal is to find sponsors for 3,160 children. There are just four days left in blog month. Four! Please click a link and look at the faces. How are you being prodded to help?

My fourth (and final!) prompt was to respond to a given quote–watch for it in my post! This one took a lot of thought, but I’m loving the quote. Read on!

Standing in that house, I felt entirely helpless. This home smelled of filth and sadness. Piles of trash covered the dirty, discolored carpet, and expired, moldy food filled the kitchen. The day’s work of my youth group seemed to do little to nothing to make a dent in the need I saw. I remember starting to cry that night in a debrief time with the whole group.

I remember telling the group that I was frustrated that we’d spent the entire day cleaning this home, but I “knew” as soon as we left, the sweet little old lady who lived there would go back to living the same way she had been, existing in the same filth we’d cleared away because she was unable to keep up living along as she did.

I then remember my ever-wise leader telling me, very kindly, that the point was to bless this woman. Read the rest of this entry


A New Name


This month, I’m participating in Compassion Blog Month, an opportunity to raise awareness and interest in child sponsorship through Compassion International. The goal is to find sponsors for 3,160 children. There are just eight days left in blog month; are you feeling the nudge? Take a second to just look. That’s all I ask. Just click a link and look at the faces. How can you help today? A prayer? A sponsorship? 

 The third prompt is to choose a picture and tell the story behind the image. “This is a creative writing assignment at its finest!” Please note that this account is fictional! Pictures’ source: Compassion on Instagram.


I thought my name was Useless. Forgotten. Left behind.

I remember that morning. Crouched behind that metal drum, I thought myself invisible. I curled my toes in the dusty ground and hooked tiny fingers along the hot, rusty rim, watching people in their back-and-forth routine in my village. No one noticed a small boy keeping watch. If I did think someone had seen me, I’d dart back into the darkness of the room I shared with my grandmother. She wasn’t there–she was out looking for work–so I didn’t stay long. It was cramped and quiet and lonely. Read the rest of this entry

Getting Practical


I’ve been writing, this month, about Compassion International, an organization that, if you couldn’t tell, I support 100%. I love what they do (raise children from poverty and despair with hope and Faith) and how they do it (working through local churches and local leaders to also empower the community).

Today, I’ve been working on organizing the letters I’ve received from my Compassion kiddos, a task that has been delightful, looking back over the precious words that travel so far to reach my heart. I also read this article from Compassion’s blog about the culture of friendship in Bangladesh and the deep and abiding friendships the children form with their sponsors. When one student’s village and home were flooded, followed quickly by the death of his mother, the article says, “His sponsor’s involvement never let him feel that he was alone in the darkness of depression” (Courtesy of Compassion International:

I’d heard of Compassion for several years before I became involved. I was interested in the organization, but until I became involved with the girl my church supports, I didn’t realize how personal a sponsorship relationship can be. My Yvonne tells me about wanting to become a doctor, and she tells me often of her favorite food, ugali (cornbread) and meat. She tells me the names of her friends and about how she and her family celebrate holidays. She draws me the most darling pictures.

ImageEven more important, she thanks me for my prayers and asks how she and her family can pray for me. Our relationship is not centered around the stickers I send or the letters we exchange but around the encouragement we can provide for each other through our Savior.

Today, as I browsed the Compassion site, I was drawn to a few faces of children who have been waiting for sponsors. I’ll share a couple here, but I encourage you to look for yourself. Even if you can’t sponsor right now, look at their faces and say a little prayer. Share them with your friends or share this post. Get the word out. That’s what Compassion Blog Month is all about.

Geisya Tampemawa can grow up knowing that someone cares and prays for her


Ernest Melita is looking for encouragement for his last few years in Compassion’s program


Tumushime Ivan lives with his grandmother and has 5 children in his family. Show him some love after his 256 day wait for a sponsor.


Search the site for yourself! These are only a fraction of the many kids waiting for someone like you to say yes to a new, eternal friendship.

Remember: One word, Three thoughts (plus a bonus)


This month, I’m participating in Compassion Blog Month, an opportunity to raise awareness and interest in child sponsorship through Compassion International. The second prompt is to “write three things about one word.”



On this day of national remembrance, here in the United States, here are three thoughts I’ve been pondering.

Remember that life changes quickly.

Remember that you have influence.

Remember that Truth may be found in the most mundane places if you look for it.

“Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35

Read the rest of this entry



I promise I won’t be “one of those people” who posts about every small “anniversary”-style milestone, but my new adventure has been live for 7 days now. I love it!

Thank you to you, my friends and readers, for your support and encouragement. For commenting and following. For telling me, when you see me, that you’ve been reading. I’m not writing for numbers, but seeing the views that WordPress tracks for me is both exciting and humbling.

This week’s Compassion Blog Month assignment arrived in my email inbox this morning; it should be a fun one! I hope to write and post my contribution by tomorrow evening. In the meantime, check out some blogs that support Compassion, find out more about Compassion Blog Month, or check out a child who is waiting for a sponsor like you.

Breathe. Pray. Try.


This month, I’m participating in Compassion Blog Month, an opportunity to raise awareness and interest in child sponsorship through Compassion International. The first prompt is “Write a blog post to your childhood self. What words of encouragement do you need to hear?”

I don’t like not knowing what I’m doing. I want to know what I’m supposed to do, have the tools to do it, and then, finally, to accomplish the task.

Insecurities crop up when I’m learning something new. Somehow, I have this idea that everyone expects me to already know everything. Maybe I merely expect this from myself, and that’s why, if I were speaking to my younger self, here’s what I’d say:

Try new things. Don’t be afraid. You’ll enjoy most of them.

Image Read the rest of this entry

Opening Lines


Beginnings are tricky.

The first day of classes in college. Learning a new skill. Starting a new job.

They’re exciting, but I often feel I don’t know where to start. So here I am, jumping into the blogging world, no prologue, just an exciting moment as I begin a new journey.

Since graduation, I’ve merely dabbled in my writing, so this is a location to produce and create on a semi-regular basis. I’m still working on a theme, but my goal for my writing–my overall goal for all my writing–is a search for Truth in the everyday. We’ll all discover where that goal leads in this new venture. Get ready!

My first project, to keep me focused as I begin, is a series of posts for Compassion International. It’s Compassion Blog month! Compassion International is a child sponsorship organization serving over a million children and their families through their local churches. I love the work of Compassion and the experiences I’ve had through the organization; I am excited to use the beginning posts of this blog to share about them.

If you’d like to become involved with Compassion International, visit the above link or leave me a comment for more information. If you are already involved with Compassion and would like to be a part of Compassion Blog Month, visit here!

I am excited to begin this journey and to see how my writing and thinking is strengthened through the disciplined act of regular writing and posting. I invite you to join me in my journey, for new beginnings are always more fun with friends.